A premier location for the interface between art and technology and interdisciplinary art practice, the School of Art's curriculum combines the advantages of a renowned studio program with the resources of a top-tier university. The School of Art produces diverse, inquisitive and informed artists who use art-making in a variety of ways to create a meaningful relationship with society, expanding the multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary practice of art that is informed with knowledge from the culture-at-large. The School of Art incorporates an expansive approach to art and acknowledges that working as artists leads toward a wide variety of pursuits.

Our Key Values

Innovation + Experimentation
Interdisciplinary Practice
Social Engagement
Critical Thinking + Discourse
Defining New Territories for Artistic Practice


  1. MFA Graduate Program
  2. BFA Undergraduate Program
  3. BXA Undergraduate Program
  4. Pre-College Art Program

The School of Art is a premier location for the interface between art and technology and for interdisciplinary art practice.

Questions about Admission?

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