The Master of Arts Management (MAM) program combines rigorous finance, marketing, technology and fundraising coursework with practical experience to prepare students to excel in a public, private or nonprofit arts environment. The Master of Entertainment Industry Management (MEIM) program provides students with the most up-to-date skills to successfully navigate development, production, marketing and distribution practices across all entertainment platforms and screens.

Both programs are jointly offered by CFA and CMU's Heinz College of Information Systems and Public Policy, allowing students to draw upon the individual strengths and resources of both colleges. 

Our Key Values

  • World-class core policy and management curriculum, applied within the context of arts and entertainment organizations
  • Systems synthesis capstone projects, internships, apprenticeships, and independent studies that emphasize hands-on experiential learning
  • Expert teachers from the world of arts and entertainment management, many of whom are still active practitioners
  • Applied research centers and laboratories including Future Tenant, an arts and performance space managed by students, and The Arts Management & Technology Laboratory, exploring the intersection between arts management and technology
  • Unparalleled professional networking opportunities for career development
  • Small class sizes and close collaborative faculty relationships
  • Study abroad exchange programs and double-degree opportunities

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  1. MAM Master of Arts Management
  2. MEIM Master of Entertainment Industry Management


The Arts and Entertainment Management programs, jointly offered with CMU's Heinz College, are designed to create innovative and entrepreneurial leaders in the fields of visual arts, performing arts and screen-based entertainment media.

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