Students in the School of Architecture, School of Music and the BXA Intercollege Degree Programs focusing on music or archicture are eligible to win $5,750 to study in Europe. The annual Gindroz Prize for Travel/Study in Europe will provide a $5,000 prize to two deserving students who meet eligibility criteria. The Marilyn and Ray Gindroz Foundation was established to enrich lives and enhance education through travel in Europe and study of traditional architecture, urbanism and music. The prize recognizes the life-changing potential of becoming immersed in a culture, language and environment that is different from one’s own and emphasizes both intellectual and craft development.

Architecture students will produce hand drawings and analyses, and Music students will attend performances and seek performance experience or training. Musicians are encouraged to experience the visual arts, especially the urban spaces of European cities, while architects are encouraged to attend musical performances. Students are required to present a three-minute digital presentation of their work, which can be either scans of selected drawings or recordings of performances, or a combination of both. Presentations will be due on the first day of classes of the fall semester following their experience abroad. CMU and its assigns reserve the right to publish Gindroz Prize presentations, where appropriate. 

Applications are due by 5 p.m. December 1. Click here to download the full application guidelines and form.