CFA enhances and integrates the excellence and distinction of its five schools with the strengths of the university to establish a position of international leadership in preparing students to transform their professions and the world through critical inquiry and creative production. Through your support, our faculty and staff prepare students to meet the challenges of the future and become visionary leaders in their chosen fields. Every gift, no matter the size, makes a difference in the lives of our students – many would not be able to complete a Carnegie Mellon University education without assistance.

You make it possible for others like you to move toward the future with a sound education and hands-on, cross-disciplinary training that have become hallmarks of our graduates, especially within CFA. Your belief in our students and our educators’ influence in their lives enables all of our schools and programs to provide the very best professional education to students, and to attract and retain the best faculty. 

Why your gift is so important

Funding to the arts continues to decline because of decreased federal appropriations to the National Endowment for the Arts, legislative appropriations to the nation’s state arts agencies, and direct expenditures on the arts by local governments. You can make a difference, however, by helping to fill funding gaps and deficiencies and personally contribute to the power of the arts and arts education by supporting the College of Fine Arts, its schools and programs and, ultimately, its students.

Where the arts and technology meet

Carnegie Mellon University has firmly established a reputation as a proving ground for successful cross-discipline teamwork. Many have referred to the university as the world’s leading technical institution, which just so happens to have an embedded conservatory for the arts. That blend of the arts and technology represents the future of the human experience – helping to guarantee a rich, reflective and hybrid knowledge base. Our students recognize that, and their studies within the College of Fine Arts integrate design, the arts and technology in a way that prepares them for a future filled with amazing possibilities.

Attracting the best and brightest

Your support helps the College of Fine Arts to attract and accept the students who are identified as the “best and brightest” candidates for our programs. Of course, other colleges, conservatories and universities want to attract those same students. You can make a difference in helping those students choose Carnegie Mellon. How? Your gift may allow us to build our merit scholarship funding, for example, so we may provide assistance to those who are truly deserving and who, without your help, may choose another institution.

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“A pioneering institution like Carnegie Mellon needs visionary supporters who see the future in the present.”

“Nowhere is collaboration more energized, nowhere does a gift work harder and nowhere is the work more focused on the world’s toughest problems. If you want to make an impact, support learning at CMU.” 

– Edward H. Frank (SCS’85Ph.D.), Life Trustee and Campaign Chair, Carnegie Mellon University; Vice President, Apple Inc.; Donor, The Frank-Ratchye STUDIO for Creative Inquiry, CFA