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Every year the FRC committee receives numerous requests from a diverse and competitive pool of applicants for funding from across the five schools of CFA.  We are delighted to share the recipients from 2017 and hope that they inspire others.


Daniel Cardoso-Llach

Title: Soft reconstruction 


Soft reconstructions proposes a series of software reconstructions of some of the earliest algorithms used in design, including the “Coons Patch” and Bezier’s B-Spline curves. Beyond visual representations, these interactive objects will offer access to forgotten sensual, material and technical aspects of early computational design techniques and interfaces. The interactive pieces will be displayed in the Exhibition "Designing the Computational Image / Imagining Computational Design" in the Miller Gallery at Carnegie Mellon in the Fall of 2017.


Dana Cupkova and Daragh Byrne

Title: Mind controlling Sentience: Non-deformable responsiveness to human physiology


This research explores interactions between material form and its embedded electromechanical controls, while using human physiology and emotiveness as an activation of change in material character. Contemporary advances in technology shape interactions between organic and inorganic systems and their mutual formation. Both physical and human matter are open to design. We will build series of complex architectural forms - using thermal, tactile and thermochromic responses guided by embedded distributed control system - that change their affect and microclimate in response to human thought.


Dan Lockton

Title: Electric Acoustic


What does energy sound like? Electric Acoustic proposes a mobile, interactive, ambient installation which sonifies, in real time, electricity use of appliances in the built environment, and the current electricity generation mix based on location. Initial investigations of people’s imaginaries around energy, fossil fuels and renewables, and how these might translate into sound, will feed into the development of the exhibit, which aims to explore the potential of increasing public understanding of energy and its impacts through turning ‘invisible’ everyday phenomena into something audible.


Kyuha Shim and Eddy Man Kim

Title: Dimentional Typography in Virtual Reality


There is a significant amount of research from creative disciplines on Virtual Reality (VR), yet there has not been any practice-based research that focuses on finding a methodology for communication design that is applicable to the subject environment. The project explores immersive typography and aims to contribute to scholarship about the implications of virtual reality technologies on design for computing platforms. The outcomes include literature review, interviews and an exhibition of work, and a comprehensive publication online and in print.


Lawrence Shea

Title: Ghosts in the Machine


Ghosts in the Machine is a project exploring how rapidly developing phone-based technologies such as augmented reality and location based interactivity can be used to create unique, historically rich and artistically engaging experiences at multiple sites across the city. The project’s hypothesis is that these tools allow higher levels of complexity in storytelling, ideally merging content rich information with place to create a new spatialized narrative form. This project earnestly strives to turn mere “information” back into meaning through our innate wayfinding and placemaking capacities.


Susan Tsu

Title: INNOVATIVE COSTUME: THE NEXT GENERATION An Exhibition and Chronicle of Costume D


I am Chief International Curator for a major international exhibition of student and emerging designers’ work entitled Innovative Costume: The Next Generation, working with Igor Roussanoff- Artistic Director, & the A.A. Bakhrushin State Central Theatre Museum in Moscow, Russia. The exhibition will premiere in Moscow June, 2019 & tour the world. It will be the first exhibition of it’s kind chronicling & documenting the work of the world’s most creative young designers. A website & comprehensive exhibition catalogue will be developed to share and preserve the work as a record & teaching tool.


Reza Vali

Title: The Isfahân Project


The Isfahân Project is a CD production project of the recordings of recent chamber works for string quartet by Reza Vali. The compositions on the CD will be recorded in Pittsburgh by Carpe Diem String Quartet.


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